Academic Partners

Mark A. Emmert, PhD Executive Director, NCAA and former President, University of Washington"ARCS Foundation is a vital partner of the University of Washington, not only because of its remarkable financial support of graduate students, but because of its truly visionary mission to promote graduate education, encourage first-class graduate students to find solutions, and create better lives for us all."


Mark A. Emmert, PhD
Executive Director, NCAA and former President, University of Washington


Partnering with Top Universities with STEM Disciplines

ARCS® Foundation exists to support U.S. competitiveness in science and technology.  The ARCS Foundation strategy is to impact scientific advancement by supporting STEM PhD candidates.  This mechanism requires an effective partnership with universities across America whose science, technology, enginering and mathematics programs are of the highest quality and recognized as leaders in their respective disciplines.

The creation of an ARCS Foundation Chapter begins with targeting a university that meets eligibility standards.

  • Target U.S. universities whose science, technology, engineering, and mathematics departments are ranked in the top 100 in the country.  Only eligible universities will receive ARCS Foundation funding for PhD candidates.
  • Individuals from a local community or the university staff initiate the process to form a new chapter by contacting the New Chapter Development Committee of ARCS Foundation.  The focal point for creating a new Chapter is the university, but it takes the interest and dedication of a cadre of women in the community working with ARCS Foundation to make this happen. It is not unusual to have the process take two years or more — from the first telephone call to chartering a new Chapter.

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