Who We Are

ARCS® Foundation, Inc. is a national organization dedicated to supporting the best and brightest U.S. graduate and undergraduate scholars by providing financial awards in science, engineering and medical research.

ARCS Foundation advances science and technology in the United States by providing financial awards to academically outstanding U.S. citizens studying to complete degrees in science, engineering and medical research.

It is ARCS Foundation's belief that support of STEM education is essential to US economic growth and technological competitiveness, and helps to ensure continued US leadership in global innovation, health and quality of life. 

In close collaboration with University departments across the United States that are recognized leaders in science and engineering fields, more than 1500 women volunteer members of 16 regional Foundation chapters fund the most promising scholars at the startup or "seed stage" of their work and discovery.

ARCS Scholars have gone on to positions of leadership and distinction in across academia, industry, and government efforts.  Nine out of 10 ARCS Scholars work in their sponsored fields - sharing knowledge, developing technologies, launching startup companies, and inspiring youth to pursue the challenge of study and careers in STEM fields.

A much-sought after recognition indicating outstanding academic achievements, ARCS Awards are applied towards many areas of research need, and are not restricted to tuition alone.

ARCS Foundation's Impact

Since its founding in 1958, ARCS Foundation has awarded more than $100 million to 9,600 ARCS Scholars in top rated STEM programs at leading U.S. universities.

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Our 100% Pledge - How we are Unique
100% of ARCS Foundation Awards go directly to ARCS Scholar Awards

ARCS is generously supported by corporate, foundation and individual donors, and by the countless volunteer hours of its dedicated membership.

Gifts to ARCS Foundation are not subject to administrative fees, either by the Organization or upon receipt by the University on behalf of an ARCS Scholar Award recipient.

100% of donations to Scholar Awards go to ARCS Scholar Awards

Your gift to ARCS Foundation is a direct and confident philanthropic investment in the future of science, engineering and medical research in the United States.

ARCS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  For more information on how to support ARCS' mission to advance science in America, please visit Donate Now.


"After more than 50 years of support for our nation's future scientific leaders, ARCS Foundation is more vibrant than ever. The need has never been stronger, and we are committed to the mission of supporting science in America."

Lynne Brickner
National President
ARCS Foundation