COVID-19 Scholar Achievements

Tune in for a panel spotlighting four ARCS Scholars who are contributing to the fight against COVID-19

Science has never been more important than today, and ARCS Scholars and Alumni are responding to the current national challenge in remarkable ways. From mass-producing personal protective equipment in the face of a national shortage to developing a low-cost ventilator to curating new testing methods, ARCS young scientists are making valiant efforts to aid the US and its citizens. Please join us for a live, moderated panel that will feature four of these remarkable young scientists and their achievements. 

COVID-19 ARCS Scholar Panelists

Melanie MacMullan
ARCS Scholar 
2018-19 at University of Southern California

In a unique arrangement with USC, Melanie is working with private industry to help develop a test detecting antibodies against COVID-19 in patient saliva. This technology will enable improved contact tracing and contribute to vaccine development by illuminating which antibodies against the virus are most prevalent in the population. 

Sergey Negrashov, PhD
ARCS Scholar 2017-18 at University of Hawaii at Manoa

Sergey has aided in helping alleviate the national shortage of personal protective equipment by designing and mass-producing mask making kits. He has organized a volunteer effort with over 500 sewers and more than 60 drivers to equip 8,000+ healthcare workers and first responders.

Alexandra (Sasha) Perebikovsky, PhD
ARCS Scholar 2019-20 at the University of California Irvine

Sasha and two other colleagues have developed a low-cost ventilator that can be produced for $100 or less. The ventilator, affectionately named VentiVador, is portable, easy to operate, and relies on compressed air that is found in every US hospital. Sasha is currently seeking FDA approval for use of the ventilator in the field. 

Sanjay Srivatsan
ARCS Scholar 2018-19 at University of Washington

Sanjay is the lead scientist in the development of a dry swab COVID-19 test that does not rely on costly reagents that have limited availability. He is also a contributor to the Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network to help provide and scale-up Coronavirus testing in the Pacific Northwest. 

Panel Moderator

William "Bill" Liss

Bill Liss is an award-winning reporter and journalist who is no stranger to ARCS Foundation. He is married to ARCS Atlanta Chapter member and former chapter president, Debbie Liss, and together they have supported numerous ARCS Scholars for two decades. He has been named Georgia Broadcaster of the year, earned dozens of Emmy Awards, and received the Edward R. Murrow Team Investigative Reporting Award. An attorney and active member of the Bar of the State of New Jersey and the District of Columbia, he is admitted to practice before the US Supreme Court. Bill is also a member of the Board and head of media for the worldwide Explorers Club and has been on expeditions to the North Pole, Mt. Everest, the Antarctic.