How Donations Are Used

What ARCS Foundation National accomplishes with your generosity


How your donations to ARCS Foundation National help advance science

Every donation to ARCS Foundation National enables us to support the ARCS chapters and scholars. From fundraising to communications support, ARCS National aims to foster growth at local chapters to help US scientific competitiveness nationwide. When you support ARCS National Operations or Endowment, your donation will help ensure that ARCS Foundation will be sustained in the years to come. 


Your donation to ARCS Foundation National...

Provides Chapter Grants and Fundraising Support

Through grants, online support, and promotions, National helps chapters grow and increase scholar funding. By absorbing major costs like credit card fees and supporting digital media campaigns such as #GivingTuesday, ARCS National helps chapters meet their development goals. 

Promotes National Awareness

ARCS Foundation has a mission and a story to tell. With press releases, a monthly e-newsletter, and weekly social media posts, ARCS National promotes the ARCS mission and brand 365 days a year.  

Elevates National Visibility of Scholars and Alumni 

ARCS Scholars are changing the future. Through promotion and nationally recognized ARCS Scholar Awards and ARCS Alumni Hall of Fame, ARCS National illustrates the impact of our mission. 

Conducts Chapter Training and Webinars 

Chapter leaders can find professional development and leadership training on relevant topics year-round on ARCS PATS Online Learning portal and in webinars. 

Measures Impact and Provides Insight

ARCS National helps chapters stay abreast of changing trends through surveys and advice from the National Science & Engineering Advisory Council that deliver actionable insights to help chapters stay relevant and adjust. 

Maintains Uniform Standards 

From coast to coast, scholars and approved universities know the mission and value of ARCS Support through ARCS Foundation's consistent national standards. 

Provides Chapter Communications Support 

Every chapter receives the communications tools it needs for success. National provides an annual report, brochures, folders, marketing tool kits, a national online database, and a website with event registration and tech support for every chapter when needed. 

Supports Networks and Synergy

ARCS National meetings cultivate community. By bringing together members at the ARCS All Members Conference and focused national events throughout the year, cross-chapter relationships shared resources, and idea exchange is fostered.

Maintains National Identity 

By establishing brand uniformity, identity, and selection guidelines, ARCS National equips each chapter to promote and enhance the ARCS brand of scientific support and achievement. The national brand strengthens each chapter's local outreach and adds acclaim and credibility to ARCS Scholar Awards. 


How Do I Give?

We're deeply appreciative of your generous support.  Thank you!

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