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          For the past 60 years, ARCS Foundation                ARCS Foundation continues its six-decade tradition
          has been a source of much-needed support              of mentoring and providing financial awards to the
                                                                best and brightest scholars in the United States while
          for young American scientists poised to               looking to the future of scientific innovation. ARCS
          make important discoveries.                           founders believed that the women of America could
                                                                make a difference, and ARCS Foundation proudly
                                                                continues that mission today as it works to fund the
                                                                ARCS Scholars who help keep the United States
                                                                scientifically competitive.

                                                                ARCS Foundation looks to the future and envisions
                                                                ARCS Alumni who are scientific leaders who will create
                                                                positive change in the world and our lives.

            ADAM MARCINKOWSKI                        BRADLEY JACOBSEN                          ALEXIS NOLFI
             COLORADO CHAPTER                           UTAH CHAPTER                       PITTSBURGH CHAPTER
            COLORADO SCHOOL OF                       UNIVERSITY OF UTAH,                UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH,
             MINES, SPACE MINING                      MORAN EYE CENTER                        BIOENGINEERING

                                                                CELEBRATING THE PAST / ENVISIONING THE FUTURE       2
                                                                CELEBRATING THE PAST / ENVISIONING THE FUTURE         2
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