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                                                                                  PHOENIX CHAPTER
                                                                                  ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY,
                                                                                  SCHOOL OF BIOLOGICAL AND
                                                                                  HEALTH SYSTEMS ENGINEERING

                                                                                 “The ARCS Scholar Award has allowed
                                                                                 me to pursue research on advanced
                                                                                 tumor models to the highest level using
                                                                                 cutting-edge technologies that would
                                                                                 not have been possible otherwise. This
                                                                                 has led me to discover clinically relevant
                                                                                 findings that may lead to improved
                                                                                 targeted cancer therapies.”



        Hundreds of current ARCS Scholars are paving the way  GUIDING PRINCIPLES FOR SCHOLAR
        to new discoveries that will lead to scientific progress,   AWARDS
        global STEM competitiveness, and advances in national
        security. But many ARCS Scholars face extremely        To ensure the strongest possible impact on Scholars, ARCS
        limited options to fund their work and living expenses.  Foundation follows strict standards:
                                                               •   100% of Scholar Award contributions go directly to
        ARCS Foundation’s unrestricted funding helps put them on the   Scholars.
        road to scientific exploration and discovery.
                                                               •   Scholars must be U.S. citizens, enrolled full-time, with a
        We’ve funded over 10,000 of them since our founding and    GPA of 3.5 or higher, and majoring in STEM research fields.
        many continue to contribute as alumni — innovating, founding   •   Partner universities that are approved by the ARCS
        companies, and publishing groundbreaking research. Their   National Board on the basis of excellence in science,
        work drives U.S. economic growth, global competitiveness, and   engineering, mathematics, and/or medical research select
        discoveries that lead to a better quality of life.         ARCS Scholars.

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