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BUILDING THE STEM                                                   2017-18

          PIPELINE                                                            APPROVED UNIVERSITIES

          ACADEMIC PARTNERS                                                   Arizona State University

                                                                              California Institute of Technology
          A new cure for a disease or an innovative new technology is         Carnegie Mellon University
          always a big story, but what’s rarely reported is the critical      Colorado School of Mines
          work that led to these discoveries—basic research.                  Colorado State University
                                                                              Emory University
          This is the research on which our scientific solutions and technology   Georgetown University
          wonders are built, and it takes time, constant pursuit, and a       Georgia Institute of Technology
          collaborative, supportive environment.                              Harvey Mudd College
                                                                              Illinois Institute of Technology
          In recent years, our government has steadily reduced its support for   Loyola University of Chicago, Stritch
          basic research at U.S. colleges and universities.                        School of Medicine
                                                                              Morehouse College
          This is where ARCS Foundation steps in to fill the gap. For 60 years   Northern Arizona University
          we have partnered with U.S. universities where science, technology,   Northwestern University
          engineering, and mathematics are ranked in the top 50 in the country.  Oregon Health & Science University
                                                                              Oregon State University
                                                                              Pomona College
                                        ARCS FIRST ACADEMIC PARTNER           San Diego State University
                                                             Since 1958       San Francisco State University
                                                                              Stanford University
                                                                              The George Washington University
                                                                              The Johns Hopkins University
                                                                              The Scripps Research Institute
                                                                              University of Arizona
                                                                              University of California at Berkeley
                                                                              University of California at Davis
                                                                              University of California at Irvine
                                                                              University of California at Los Angeles
                                                                              University of California at San Diego
                                                                              University of California at San Francisco
                                                                              University of California at Santa Cruz
                                                                              University of Chicago
                                                                              University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
                                                                              University of Colorado at Boulder
                                                                              University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
                                                                              University of Colorado at Denver
                                                                              University of Georgia
                                                                              University of Hawai`i at Ma̵noa
                                                                              University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
                                                                              University of Maryland
                                                                              University of Minnesota
        “The long-term partnership between ARCS Foundation and                University of Oregon
        Caltech has prepared generations of scholars to address               University of Pittsburgh
        global challenges. We are most grateful to ARCS for its               University of San Diego
        dedication to cultivating tomorrow’s intellectual leaders.”           University of Southern California
                                                                              University of Utah
        DR. THOMAS F. ROSENBAUM, PRESIDENT,                                   University of Virginia
        CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY                                    University of Washington
                                                                              Washington State University

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        11        WWW.ARCSFOUNDATION.ORG
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