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           OUR ALUMNI

            Thousands of ARCS Alumni go on after graduation to         ARCS SCHOLAR ALUMNI MAKE
            make outstanding contributions to the advancement          SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTIONS
            of science and to our nation’s competitiveness.
            As evidence of ARCS Foundation’s impact, alumni                       RESEARCH
            develop new therapies, secure patents for important                   Publications, presentations, large-
            technology, start innovative companies, become                        scale grants
            national science leaders, and push discovery forward.
                                                                                  ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT
            HONORING ARCS ALUMNI                                                  Founding science-related
            Among this exceptional group are alumni to whom ARCS                  companies
            Foundation pays the highest tribute with induction into ARCS
            Alumni Hall of Fame. Inductees have distinguished themselves          INNOVATION
            by demonstrating leadership in one or more of the following           Acknowledged by significant
            areas:                                                                scientific awards and patents

            •   Scientific innovation and discovery                               BUILDING THE STEM PIPELINE
            •   Recognition by peers                                              Teaching, mentoring K-12
            •   Mentoring future scientists to fill the STEM pipeline
            •   Founding or leading an organization that has had a
               significant impact on the U.S. economy
            •   Increasing awareness of the importance of national
               scientific competitiveness

             are recognized for their outstanding contributions to the advancement of science

             SHANNON BROWNLEE, M.S.                              RALPH B. JAMES, Ph.D.
             Inducted 2015                                       Inducted 2015
             •   ARCS Scholar 1982 at University of California,          •   ARCS Scholar 1979-80 at California Institute of
                Santa Cruz                                          Technology

             For scientific writing and advocacy that has improved   For substantial impact as an inventor and transformative
             public understanding of science and medicine and helped   research in photoconductive science that has led to
             transform U.S. health care.                         improvements in astrophysics and medical imaging.

             BARBARA JACAK, Ph.D.                                STEPHEN M. LICHTEN, Ph.D.
             Inducted 2015                                       Inducted 2016
             •   ARCS Scholar 1975 at University of California, Berkeley   •   ARCS Scholar 1981 & 1983 at California Institute of
             For significant contributions to our understanding of how the
             universe evolved and role in the development of the PHENIX   For leadership at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and
             large collider at Brookhaven National Laboratory.   contributions to the invention of GPS technology that
                                                                 ensures reliability and accuracy of commercial aircraft

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