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                                            ARCS Scholar 1991 at Columbia University

                                                                                     Recognized for SIGNIFICANT
                                                                                     IN COMMUNICATIONS
                                                                                     that have raised scientific
                                                                                     awareness for millions

           DAVID MANGELSDORF, Ph.D.                              CHRISTOPHER STUBBS, Ph.D.
           Inducted 2015                                         Inducted 2017
           •   ARCS Scholar 1985 at University of Arizona        •   ARCS Scholar 1987-88 at University of Washington
           For groundbreaking research on orphan receptors that   For profound impact on physics through work detecting the
           helped launch an entire field of biology and led to important   expansion of the universe and discovery of “dark energy”
           breakthroughs in treatments for human diseases.       and role as U.S. government advisor on national security
           SUNEEL SHEIKH, Ph.D.
           Inducted 2017                                         JEANNE VANBRIESEN, Ph.D., P.E.
           •   ARCS Scholar 2002-04 at University of Maryland    Inducted 2016
           For aerospace research and inventions, including one that is   •   ARCS Scholar 1992-97 at Northwestern University
           used on the International Space Station, and for educational   For influence on water quality, sustainability, and engineering
           initiatives that inspire future scientists.           practices through research; contributions to water policy; and
                                                                 for mentoring the next generation of engineers.

                                                              CELEBRATING THE PAST / ENVISIONING THE FUTURE         10
                                                               CELEBRATING THE PAST / ENVISIONING THE FUTURE       10
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