Industry Partners

Corporate Partners Play Key Role in Advancement of Science

ARCS Foundation partners with the greater industry in three primary ways:

ARCS Foundation Partnership 3 Methods

"As we look out at the challenges before us in the 21st century, it is clear that educating students in science, technology, engineering, and math is more important than ever for the future. Lockheed Martin is committed to working with policymakers, educators, non-profit groups, and the business community to educate and inspire today's youth to become tomorrow's leaders through STEM."

- Marilyn A. Hewson, Chief Executive Officer and President, Lockheed Martin Corporation

Organizational & Event Sponsorship

Each year, dedicated philanthropists from around the nation gather to celebrate the successes of the past and share opportunities for advancing the mission of ARCS Foundation at our annual conference. Sponsors play a vital role in the event and all that it offers attendees – from world-class speakers and seminars to fascinating and informative tours, to top-notch networking. Becoming a sponsor for ARCS Foundation events helps the organization ensure that it may elevate the work of our nation’s best and brightest.

Organizations that support the mission of ARCS Foundation are vital to providing the resources needed to fund our work. A shining example of this is Lockheed Martin, which has long displayed a commitment to supporting student achievement to further STEM education.

National Corporate Scholar Program

With fewer new scientists earning degrees in the United States than our competitor nations, the edge goes to those enterprises that have the talent to innovate. National Corporate Scholar Programs are partnerships between ARCS Foundation and companies that fund ARCS Scholars across the country who are developing the knowledge to help advance STEM in the United States. 

ARCS Foundation is dedicated to building corporate partnerships as a key way to advance science in America. 

As a Corporate Partner in a National Corporate Scholar Program, organizations will leverage the expertise and infrastructure of ARCS Foundation Scholar Award programs to reach promising scholars across the country.

The National Corporate Scholar Program is a collaborative, joint funding model that helps ARCS scholars obtain advanced STEM degrees, filling the STEM pipeline with the future leaders of scientific innovation.

How it Works:

  • ARCS Corporate Partner identifies areas of study for the program
  • Funding comes from ARCS Corporate Partner with matching funds from ARCS Chapters
  • ARCS Foundation’s top-ranked Academic Partners select high-potential scholars as recipients within established guidelines for ARCS Scholar selection
  • ARCS Scholars are chosen across all chapter regions creating a multi-year class of scholars dedicated to a specific area of study

Corporate Partner Benefits

  • Enhances the corporation’s national visibility
  • Facilitates connections with new talent in your field
  • Provides access to a network of top-ranked universities for recruiting recent graduates
  • Taps established ARCS Foundation Scholar Award Program Administration

Case Study: The Roche/ARCS Foundation Scholar Award Program in the Life Sciences

The Roche/ARCS Foundation Scholar Award Program in the Life Sciences

The Roches Foundation and ARCS Foundation are jointly offering a unique program to support outstanding graduate life science students at universities across the United States.  The Roche/ARCS Foundation Scholar Award Program in the Life Sciences supports the next generation of life science leaders and furthers the foundations' shared interest in the advancement of science.

Through this partnership, The Roche Foundation will provide a total of $663,000 in funding to support Roche/ARCS Foundation Scholars over the next three years. All awardees will be PhD candidates in the life sciences at universities that are ARCS Foundation academic partners.

The program will be administered by ARCS Foundation National and its chapters and is the first program of this type for both foundations.  It will leverage ARCS Foundation's established infrastructure and expertise in supporting US STEM students and demonstrates The Roche Foundation's commitment to strengthening America's capacity for innovative research.


“Roche is honored to support the ARCS Foundation and the development of the next generation of scientists and engineers. We believe that scientific advances and innovation have profound benefits for society, and serve as the foundation for important new medicines.” 

Sandra Horning, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer & Head of Global Product Development, F. Hoffman-La Roche

Industry Connections

In today’s global economy, industry leaders must constantly reinvent and develop new ideas to compete successfully during a time of perpetual worldwide change and growth. With an aging scientific workforce and fewer new scientists earning degrees in the US compared to competitor nations, the edge goes to those enterprises that have the talent to innovate.

ARCS Foundation is positioned to work closely with industry partners to address current needs for more innovation and STEM-related challenges to our nation’s prosperity.

ARCS Enhances Role in Fostering US Growth with Membership in Council of Competitiveness

Membership in the Council of Competitiveness comes by invitation only, and ARCS was honored to be invited to join this influential group in 2015. Composed of peer corporate CEOs, university presidents, labor leaders, and national laboratory directors, this visionary group is a powerful “brain trust” to recommend actionable pathways to drive US economic growth.

As an affiliate member, ARCS Foundation highlights the critical role established nonprofits and education-focused philanthropy can play in mobilizing resources and investing strategically in scientific research and invention.

America’s leadership depends upon new discovery and the innovation that creates new opportunities and underpins future growth. The Council is honored to have ARCS Foundation as an affiliate member to the pursuit of our shared mission."

Deborah L. Wince-Smith, President and CEO, Council on Competitiveness