ARCS National Luminary Award

ARCS Foundation National Luminary Award

Presented to Sandra Matteucci at the June 2023 ARCS Foundation National Board Meeting

On June 10, 2023, ARCS Foundation National presented longtime member Sandra Matteucci with the inaugural Luminary Award. The award is a special, discretionary award that represents the highest recognition for service to ARCS National.

Sandra Matteucci has exemplified an extraordinary passion for and devotion to the ARCS mission since 2000. She has been a committed and active member of ARCS Foundation for over two decades and has served ARCS National organization on its Board of Directors, on National committees, and in National advisory positions continuously since 2000. She was among a handful of National leaders whose foresight and ground-breaking efforts resulted in the establishment of the corpus of the ARCS National Endowment, which she continues to support today.

In celebration of Sandra Matteucci being named the inaugural recipient of the ARCS National Luminary Award and in appreciation of her exceptional service to ARCS National, friends of Sandra have come together to commemorate this special recognition with a donation of $65,000 to ARCS Foundation National's Endowment Fund.

To make your gift in honor of Sandra Matteucci, Inaugural Recipient, ARCS National Luminary Award, please follow the link in the button below.  


Photo Key 
(Left to Right) 

Row One: 1. Sandra with Christy Burton receiving the Luminary Award 2. Sandra and Christy with the framed Resolution and Luminary Flame 3. Sandra and Christy with the Luminary Flame

Row Two: 4. Sandra with Nancy Chambers, Nancy Spetzler, and Sherry Lundeen (2018) 5. New ARCS member Sandra (far right) is welcomed by Phoenix Chapter members (1990) 6. Sandra with Pat Beckman

Row Three: 7. Sandra celebrating her 80th birthday 8. Sandra with ARCS Scholar Timothy Lant (3rd from Left) 9. Matteucci family

Row Four: 10. Sandra receiving Star Award from Phoenix Chapter 11. Sandra recognized as ARCS Light at ARCS National All Members Conference in Portland 12. Sandra with husband Ralph in 2000-2001 when she was Phoenix Chapter President. Ralph was an avid ARCS supporter.  

Sandra Matteucci
Inaugural Recipient, Luminary Award
Luminary Flame
Presented to Sandra Matteucci at the June 2023 ARCS National Board Meeting.