ARCS Light Honorees

About ARCS Lights

Each year, ARCS chapters select one member to be recognized for providing the highest quality of long-time service to her chapter. The distinctive ARCS Light Award recognizes recipients for continuous service that has made a positive impact on ARCS Foundation and its mission of advancing science in America. These unsung heroes of ARCS Foundation are honored at the ARCS Foundation All Members Conference.

2022 ARCS Light Honorees

Deede Stephenson
Upon joining ARCS Atlanta Chapter in 2004, Deede served as Scholar’s Chair, VP of University Relations, Special Events Chair, Newsletter Co-Publisher, Directory Chair, VP of Administration, and VP of Membership.

Sonnie Talley
Upon joining ARCS fifteen years ago, Sonnie regularly sponsors memberships and orchestrated the Colorado chapter’s most successful gala to date! She also served as this year’s Chair of the Nominating Committee. 

Patty Lee
Patty is the first, three-time ARCS Light award recipient from the Honolulu Chapter. A retired Geologist, she has held almost every position on the chapter’s board and recruited new board members.

Kate Timmerman
Once an ARCS Scholar while researching neuroscience at UC Davis, Kate is now an ARCS member and serves as VP of University Relations for ARCS Illinois Chapter. She is also the Director of the Chicago Quantum Exchange.

Lynne Brickner
Los Angeles
Upon joining ARCS Los Angeles in 2001, Lynne has served on the chapter’s board of directors since 2004, and on ARCS National Board since 2006. She was chapter president from 2006-2008 and ARCS National President from 2015-2017.

Danielle Robinson
Metro Washington
Since joining ARCS Metro Washington Chapter in 2014, Danielle has served as Co-President plus chaired the Membership and Communication Committees. She led the Universities Working Group on National’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force.

Lola Fredrickson
Lola was a founding member of ARCS Minnesota Chapter in 2008. She also has been a chapter board member since its inception. Lola is committed to elder and social justice and works with the homeless as well.

Dr. Jo Whitehouse
Northern California
Upon joining ARCS Northern California Chapter nine years ago, Jo has served in a presidential capacity for two years. She helped lead the chapter’s now- popular Symposium since 2016. Jo is also active with ARCS National and chaired a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion group focused on scholars and alumni.

Dr. Nan Hultgren
Orange County
An ARCS Scholar from 2014-2016, Nan became a member of ARCS Orange County Chapter and became VP of University Relations in 2019. She is currently working with board members and UC, Irvine to better promote DEI within the chapter and community.

Aletha Anderson
Since joining ARCS Oregon Chapter in 2011, Aletha has served two-terms as president. In 2019, she chaired the National All Member Conference in Portland. Aletha currently chairs the Communications and Editorial Planning Committees for ARCS National.

Dawn Carson Senger
Since joining ARCS Phoenix Chapter in 2011, Dawn has served as President, Vice President, Treasurer, and held both the Recording and Corresponding Secretary positions. She also served on the Council of Presidents and Treasurer with ARCS National.

Annie Rivers
Since joining ARCS Pittsburgh Chapter in 2008, Annie has served as Chair of Membership and Board Secretary, plus several other roles. She has also dedicated time to a variety of Chapter Committees and is an active member of the local American Association of University Women (AAUW).

Dr. Ellen G. Moxham
San Diego
Upon joining ARCS San Diego Chapter in 2014, Ellen served on the Board of Directors and transitioned members into the virtual realm by presenting the first virtual “Scientist of the Year” award attended by viewers across the country. She also served as VP of University Relations and dedicated time to several chapter committees.

Catherine (Kitti) Lile
Kitti currently serves as the ARCS Seattle Chapter VP of University Relations and is a part of their Membership and Long Range Planning Committees. She also participated on ARCS National’s DEI Task Force.