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Alumnus Works To Ensure Safe Drinking Water

Posted on Friday, August 25, 2017

Clean drinking water is a need for humans living in literally every nook and cranny of our planet, meaning that the work currently being done by Dr. John Sivey and others is a key to sustaining life on Earth. A Fisher Endowed Professor of Chemistry at Towson University in Maryland, Dr. Sivey is part of a team working on ways to make drinking water safer via a five-year grant from the National Science Foundation. But if it hadn't been for the grant money he received a decade ago, he may not have ever gotten to this point, doing this vital research.

Sivey was an ARCS scholar in the 2006-07 academic year while working on his Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins University. Looking back, he can see ACRS Foundation support was a vital rung on his ladder of career success

“In many ways, the ARCS Foundation allowed me to do a lot of exploration at an important time,” Dr. Sivey said. “They kind of got in on the ground floor of my career trajectory. If I didn’t have that ARCS Foundation funding at that time, it’s difficult to say how successful my career would’ve been.”

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