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ARCS Community Raised Over $100,000 for #GivingTuesday!

Posted on Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Historically, #GivingTuesday is the last Tuesday of November. It’s a global movement meant to inspire radical generosity worldwide, and ARCS Foundation felt that generosity this year.  We started our #GivingTuesday campaign at the end of October, and by the end of 2023, we had exceeded our goal to reach $100,000!

Who Donated in 2023?

Thank you to the sixty-three ARCS Members, twenty ARCS Scholars and Scholar Alumni, and ninteen Friends of ARCS for helping us reach $103,883! This #GivingTuesday campaign featured a significant increase in participation and donations.

Over the years, ARCS Members have donated the most money during this campaign.

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This year was the highest participation from ARCS Scholars and Scholar Alumni, with twenty donors. Our Scholars and Alumni also raised the second-highest amount after members, with over $12,000.

Finally, our last set of donors was Friends of ARCS, who donated almost $5,000 among nineteen donors.

How Does ARCS Foundation National Use Your Donation?

Your donation to ARCS Foundation National is dispersed throughout the organization and its fifteen chapters to continue to ignite chapter growth and cultivate US scientific competitiveness nationwide. At the local ARCS Chapter level, your donation empowers and improves local chapters through training, fundraising, and communication support.

In the 2022-23 fiscal year, ARCS Chapters awarded 676 Scholar Awards for an average amount of $8,070. The money donated in 2023 for #GivingTuesday enables chapters to provide future ARCS Scholars with research opportunities and resources.

For 65 years, ARCS Foundation has funded scientific greatness throughout the US with over 21,000 cumulative awards to over 11,800 ARCS Scholars, totaling up to $136,886,931.

As a final thank you, ARCS Foundation National Chapter President Beth Wainwright tells donors, “THANK YOU! Please know your financial gift is particularly important and greatly appreciated. National will use your gift to support our chapters and their scholars doing cutting-edge research in STEM.” She concludes her thanks with a final note of encouragement, “Today, we are building for the next 65 years of achievement in science. With your help and support, we can do so.”