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Defining the Future of Science

Posted on Tuesday, November 10, 2020

ARCS Foundation, Inc. recently released its 2020 Annual Report—“Defining the Future of Science.”

ARCS Foundation Scholar Awards are nationally recognized for their impact on ensuring the strength of the STEM pipeline, which is fundamental to an innovative and growing US economy. ARCS Foundation fulfills an essential role in ensuring that young scientists may confidently pursue the basic research that is vital to the future of American scientific competitiveness.

The report presents the nationwide investments and achievements of the organization’s 15 regional chapters during the 2019–20 academic year and highlights several key accomplishments, including those indicated in this graphic.

“The future of discovery in American science is bright,” says Sherry Lundeen, ARCS Foundation National President. “This annual report conveys how ARCS Foundation’s support of basic research is more critical than ever to advance STEM and promote US scientific competitiveness worldwide.”

Read the full press release about the 2020 Annual Report here.  

To view the digital version of the 2020 Annual Report, follow this link.