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Interdisciplinary Programs Gain Funding Approval

Posted on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

ARCS is pleased to announce the approval of two interdisciplinary programs at existing academic partners, University of Washington (UW) and University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC).

These programs allow scholars to expand their field of research by merging ARCS-approved programs in hard sciences with social or clinical research sciences.

Through an interdisciplinary approach, these programs foster broader depth of understanding in each field of study. Scholars receiving degrees in these programs are required to enroll in classes of each type to enhance the understanding and application of the subject matter.

“ARCS is pleased to be at the forefront of financially supporting scholars who are exploring new fields of scientific discovery through research in interdisciplinary fields. Many of these new areas of study will lead to a future of expanded opportunities and discoveries that will greatly impact future generations,” said Linda Celesia, ARCS National Chair of University Relations.

The new programs approved for ARCS Foundation funding are:


University of Washington

Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences

The Speech and Hearing Sciences program allows students to cross-train in courses like biology, engineering, and medicine, to better understand the neuro-biological makeup of human communication. These students explore solutions inside and outside traditional academic settings to define brain structure and identify biological signatures for underlying issues.

“ARCS Foundation is a vital partner of the University of Washington as we seek to recruit the very best graduate students in the sciences and engineering,” said UW’s President Ana Mari Cauce.


University of California Santa Cruz

Department of Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies program merges ecology with social science insight into human behavior to tackle current environmental issues around the world. Through immersive studies into the connection between human well-being, societal actions, and planet degradation, students will look for new and sustainable solutions to the biggest problems facing the world today.

“We recognize that ARCS Foundation is focused on supporting graduate students from the natural sciences and our interdisciplinary program has a range of students who identify more as natural scientists or as social scientists,” said Dr. Greg Gilbert, professor and chair of the Department of Environmental Studies at UCSC.

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