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Minnesota Chapter Fosters Lasting Relationships

Posted on Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Although one of ARCS newest Chapters, ARCS Minnesota has established itself as a leader in carrying out ARCS Foundation’s mission. By creating a strong sense of community, the chapter inspires former scholars to give back to the Foundation that supported them by becoming Chapter members.

ARCS Minnesota recognizes that the connection between members and scholars is a high value benefit. Its members make it a point to stay in touch with scholars and invite them to events. They are always eager to hear about scholars’ work and encourage them to continue pursuing their research. This welcoming environment inspires Scholars to join the chapter that has invested so much in their success.

Dr. Elizabeth Annoni, a Senior Research and Development Engineer for Boston Scientific, is one of the newer ARCS Minnesota members. A former Scholar with a PhD in biomedical engineering from the University of Minnesota, she joined the Chapter after graduation in 2017. She says membership has given her the opportunity to engage even further with other ARCS scholars and grow her networks.

“The most rewarding thing I’ve gained is the strong network of women interested and engaged in STEM,” Dr. Annoni said. “Everyone has such a unique tie to the organization that creates a rare passion across the membership for the ARCS mission.”

The newest ARCS Minnesota member, Kianna Elahi Gedwillo, is a Senior Engineer in Interventional Oncology at Boston Scientific. “The Minnesota Chapter has allowed me to make a lot of amazing connections with other grad students, strong female leaders in our field, and other supporters in the non-scientific community who value our research.”

Barb Goergen, Chapter President, is pleased that so many former students are remaining in the area and staying active with ARCS. The Chapter plans to further engage members with scholars through initiating a mentoring program that would help scholars have a better idea of the career environment after graduation.

Other former scholars who have become members include Amanda Hayward, PhD graduate at UM, and Nessa Johnson, PhD, Senior Scientist at Abbott.

ARCS Minnesota will celebrate its 10th anniversary on July 23 at Crooner’s Lounge in Fridley, MN. Find out how you can help support chapters, like ARCS Minnesota, by clicking here.