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President Lynne Brickner Gives Update on ARCS Strategic Plan

Posted on Friday, June 17, 2016

At its meeting on June 17 in Minneapolis, the National Board of ARCS Foundation approved a new five-year strategic plan (2017-22) with the following goals:

Increase our impact on scholars,
Retain and attract community leaders to our membership, and
Build our capacity for success and financial sustainability.

This plan has been designed for the entire ARCS Foundation enterprise. The National Board will be planning how best to implement the new strategic plan during 2016-17. Implementation plans will include: suggested organizational changes designed to support greater fundraising to benefit our scholars and our operations; increased visibility of our mission and successes; and membership growth and engagement. 

One shared theme emerged during our discussions about increasing our impact on our ARCS Scholars. We agreed that the relationship of ARCS Foundation with our scholars does not end upon the granting of a degree. Our members wish to have a life-long relationship with our scholars, to share in celebrating their achievements and triumphs and to provide opportunities for continuing their engagement with ARCS and with each other as mentors, colleagues and friends. To do so, we will have to rely increasingly upon our scholars and our recipient institutions to provide updated information, and we will put our updated website to good use by the fall. 

Meeting ARCS Foundation's organizational goals depends upon the incredibly gifted human capital of our scholars, our institutions, our members, and our donors, all working together to advance science in America. Thank you in advance for your support.