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University of Oregon Department of Human Physiology Approved for Funding from ARCS® Foundation

Posted on Tuesday, May 12, 2020

LaGrange, GA—May 12, 2020. ARCS® Foundation is pleased to announce the addition of University of Oregon’s Department of Human Physiology to its approved departments for funding.

During ARCS January 2020 National Board Meeting in Tempe, Arizona, the National University Relations Committee approved adding this cutting-edge graduate program to the departments already approved by ARCS. This department marks the 614th program of study endorsed for ARCS Scholar Award funding across 49 top-ranking US universities for science, technology, engineering, and medical research.

The Department of Human Physiology provides graduate students with training in human physiology and anatomy that will prepare them for careers in medicine, allied health professions, and biomedical research. According to Hal Sadofsky, Divisional Dean of Natural Sciences at University of Oregon, the department’s graduate students are on the frontlines of important microbiological and physiological breakthroughs.

“The work these students are doing ranges from research that will help understand how cardiovascular systems change when people age, to the neuroscience of breath control, Parkinson’s and other movement disorders, to heart function and the role of exercise in human health and musculoskeletal function.” In the lab, students use both physiological and engineering methods to evaluate human subjects, as well as animal models related to human physiology.

Some of the program’s current research focuses on human adaptations to environmental extremes such as high altitude and hot or cold temperatures; effect of age-associated changes in blood vessels on the risk of atherosclerosis; and use of environmental stressors such as heat to induce therapeutic benefits in patients.

“The department’s endorsement by ARCS Foundation is both a boost to the individual students who will receive ARCS Scholar Awards and a vote of confidence in a department we’re committed to advancing,” Sadofsky says. “University of Oregon is honored by the attention of ARCS Foundation.”

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