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Welcome, New Chapter Presidents!

Posted on Monday, August 12, 2019

Chapter presidents are the lifeblood of ARCS Foundation. These women carry the national mission forward in their local chapters, lead support for scholars and the National Board, and help drive the strategic goals of the organization.   

Serving as a key point of leadership, all chapter presidents are a part of the Council of Presidents (CoP) at the national level. 

Sarah Tucker Vandenplas, chair of the CoP for 2019–20, says this council helps set the pace for the success of ARCS for the full year. 

“Something that has always excited me about the Council of Presidents is getting to work with and learn from a wonderful, inspiring group of women who are passionate about supporting our scholars and promoting science across the country.”  she said.

One of her goals for the year as Chair is to promote the use of technology to help automate processes throughout national and the chapters.  She notes, “This helps the Council of Presidents continue to focus on developing and fostering collaboration between the chapters. In turn, this allows us to learn from one another and work together to promote the advancement of science and technology in the US.”

The Council of Presidents includes these new members:

Ana Chu – Orange County

Sui-Lan Ellsworth – Honolulu

Cheryl Ernst – Honolulu

Sharon Fadem – Los Angeles

Holly Heaton – San Diego

Danielle Robinson – Metro Washington (joining Patty Sparrell as Co-President)

Sarah Watts – Seattle

Jo Whitehouse – Northern California

Sue Zoby – Colorado

To these and all chapter presidents and local leaders, the entire ARCS community thanks you for your commitment to the advancement of science and technology in the United States. 

Your work is vital!